Monday, January 02, 2012

A new year, another birthday

One of the school mums got in touch after the Christmas Fayre, to order some cupcakes for her daughter's 9th birthday, lucky us!  The brief was pink and purple, with 9's and initials of the guests and the rest was up to me.  This was similar to Dea's 6th birthday last summer, so would be fun, as in this case it was maxi, rather than mini, cupcakes, thus allowing more space for the decorations.
About a week ago, I received an email changing the details slightly as not all the invitees had replied yet.  So the 'named' cakes would just have the birthday girl's name and age on them, and the rest decorated accordingly.  No problem.
I baked them all vanilla, and washed up while they were cooling.  Then on to the icing, making sure that I separated the batch exactly in half to get the correct amount of pink and purple to ice all the cupcakes.  I had made the initials and number yesterday, in order that it should solidify in time, and got all the decorations I had prepped and planned ready on the table.  I felt butterflies, flowers, stars, hearts and glitter would suit the occassion, and really hope Mother and Daughter love their cakes...

P.S.  They loved the cakes!!  The Mum wrote on a Facebook craft group page 'Just collected 9yolds birthday cupcakes from Becca Bakes. They are fantastic! One v happy girl (who is also planning how she will reuse the lovely packaging too). Would recommend :) — with Becca Bakes'  and this is how they were displayed for the party... just lovely.