Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cookies & Creme cupcakes, yummy

Uh, I think I've been baking too much and too often, when I can't even remember why I baked!!  (This post is being dated chronologically but actually written a week or so after the event, oops).  I found these photos of Oreo cupcakes on my camera, so figured I may as well share them with you.  Especially as the latter one got so many encouraging comments on our Facebook page (not sure if that link will work, as it's actually for the photo, not just our page).  This first one is to show that not only do I crush lots of additional Oreo's into the batter, I also add a mini one on top, because you can't really ever get enough Oreo's into the batter!!
I did try to make it look a bit arty and just to focus on the food more - and I think I did ok. What do you think??