Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is it a boy or a girl?

Babyshowers seem to be an American phenomenon, where the pregnant lady is thrown a party by a friend and people attend with presents for the imminent birth/arrival.  They also eat and drink, but basically you bring baby gifts.  I've only heard of them recently over here, and, when discussing it with an American friend, she seemed incredulous that we don't have them - but how do you get all the stuff baby will need?  she asked.  Uh, from the shops, I answered.  Odd.
But pleasingly, I was asked to do my first babyshower cupcake dozen recently.  The request was quite particular - white icing, coloured sparkles and the male and female symbols on top.  Great, nothing like a customer who knows what they want. 
I wasn't too sure of how to do the symbols on top, as I had no cutters the right shapes and am not too hot on fondant modelling.  Then I had the (I felt) inspired idea to make coloured fondant circles as the toppers, then pipe the symbols onto them.
And to colour the batter and use white paper cases, so the colours would show through. 
That way you have a coloured bottom, white icing, coloured sprinkles and toppers - lovely.  And here are some I made earlier, ha ha.
I do have pink piping gel, but there wasn't enough contrast between the colour of the fondant topper and the icing, hence the use of white.  However the blue worked well.
Now we can see them in box, as delivered...
And the final shot is of Mini-2 dressed as Snow White, making sure that the bowl is really, really clean!