Monday, March 12, 2012

Triple chocolate cupcakes anyone?

Along with the new Strawberry cupcakes that passed the taste-test, I wanted to try out a good sounding Triple Chocolate recipe.  It called for ganache, rather than buttercream, for the icing which would make a  nice change.  This particular recipe asked for golden syrup to go in the ganache, to give it a nice sheen - I was keen to see how that may affect the overall texture.  The quantities of chocolate to cream were slightly different from other ganache recipes and I felt that this would be a result of the addition of the syrup.
Anyway, on to the cupcakes themselves.  The triple chocolate name came, I guessed, from the use of cocoa, white chocolate and dark chocolate throughout and it recommended cutting up white chocolate into chunks to put into the cake section.  I had white chocolate chips, so used them instead, pressing them down into the mix as stated.  However when baked, a lot rose to the top and I was a little concerned that there wouldn't be any inside, thus technically rendering them only double chocolate (as you were supposed to cut the tops off the cupcakes so the icing lay flat).
I waited a little to let the cupcakes cool, then did the ganache so that I could use it as soon as it was ready.  The cream got to near-boiling quite soon, so I gently stirred in the (slightly less than suggested) amount of chocolate.  This is because it was dark chocolate, Mr Becca's least favourite flavour as he finds it too bitter usually.  So I thought less chocolate would make it less rich.
I may have left the ganache to cool a moment too long, or perhaps it could have done with more cream or syrup to make it runnier. But either way, I didn't quite put enough on my spoon before dolloping it onto the cupcakes and so I didn't have a smooth glossy surface. To fix this, I decided to add more to each cupcake then swirl it all slightly.
And finally, to finish off I used white chocolate stars (again, rather than the recommended white chocolate curls, made with a vegetable peeler).  I have taken a photo with the flash on
Then again with it off. 
Which photo do you think looks better? 
Here's one of the interior, some of the white chocolate did sink!!

All the testers liked the taste very much, except Mr Becca - who didn't even bother trying once he realised there was dark chocolate in the ganache.  Ach, never mind. 
Comments from the testers were;  Mary O'C - Sponge was light and fluffy, white chocolate on the inside a nice sweet surprise, lovely rich dark chocolate topping, seriously rich topping. All in all a a nice chocolate pick me up!
Liz C - yummy.. just enough of everything rich ganache was just right
Pam S - Just picked mine up from (mutual friend) and couldn't wait till after tea! It smelled gorgeous! I only had half as I shared it with my 10 year old and she said it was yummy. Very chocolately but not too sweet. Tasted of very good quality chocolate which I LOVE! Usually chocolate cakes are made with cheap chocolate and you can definitely tell the difference. The topping was lovely and there was just enough of it. Too much would have been over-powering. I can safely say that my first taste of a Becca Bakes cupcake was fabulous and I'll definitely be back for more! :)
Jill H - Just to let u know I've just had my cupcake & it was so so delicious, loved the topping & the chocolate inside was fab. Made to perfection. Thanks again much appreciated. Happy baking xx