Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter treats for the last day of term

After checking with the class teacher, it was agreed that I'd be allowed to do mini cupcakes for the end of term day at school today.  I would have said end of term party, but they weren't having one this time.  Mini-1 seems to have lost a lot of her classmates (careless, wouldn't you say?) so it wasn't very many I'd have to do.  Which was fab, as I planned to use the remainder of the Strawberry Swirl ones from the batch with the alcoholic icing that I did for Lisa.  Lucky that they didn't have alcohol in the batter, wasn't it?
Anyway, in keeping with the Easter theme of the imminent holidays, I decorated them with matching Strawberry Swirl icing (if you look closely you can see some of the rich jam there amongst the buttercream) and topped them with super-mini chocolate cracknel covered easter eggs.  Totally yummy or what?!