Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who ate the last Rolo brownie?

After the success of, and wonderful feedback on, the Ferrero Rocher brownies, I felt it was time to try again.  Refreshed from our wee break down south (to family in London via friends in Nottingham, via lots of lovely, tasty and delicious food at restaurants that don't exist in our city) I thought to try the brownies with Rolo chocolates this time.
In order to get a better mix of cooked brownie and melted chocolate, I scored the brownie before placing in the chocolates and also put them in less close to the end of baking time.  Overall, I think next time I'll actually put the chocolates in at the beginning of baking time, rather than near the end.  In this way I expect they'll fall slightly into the mix and thus bake into each piece (and thus the kids won't be able to pick the choc off the top).  A friend suggested baking a tray and putting a different type of chocolate into each square - to compare and contrast how the different chocolates perform.  A fab idea I think!