Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chocky Rocks? They're bonza, mate!

I had asked for easy-to-make-with-kids recipes, particularly Australian ones and was rewarded with the following links by some Aussie bakers in a group I'm in.  The first was for White Christmas, which is technically not baking, but perfect for kids.  Next up was Chocky Rocks and Anzac Biscuits, both of which seemed ideal for my needs.  The needs need to remain secret just now I think, but suffice it to say that the 'kids' in question are not my own - ooh, exciting!!
Anyway, the point of this post is that the girls and I wanted to try out one of the recipes and thought Chocky Rocks sounded fun and easy.  And messy, their favourite part! ha ha.
We started shaping the cookies by hand, as the recipe suggested, but my gosh!  What a mess!
 After shaping them, you had to roll them in cornflakes.  Not easy with such mucky hands...
 So after cleaning their hands thoroughly (with soap and water, I promise!!)

 We switched to using two spoons to roll the balls
 and then dip the balls into cornflakes.
 They were then unceremoniously dropped onto a lined baking tray (I'm working on the gracefulness of the girls, working hard ;))
 And popped into the oven to cook.  And then taken out to be eaten.
Served with a tall glass of ice cold milk - mmmm, yummy!!  I remembered making these as a child with my Mum and siblings and I think my girls had just as much fun.