Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mr Becca on a Friday night...

Some men like to play video games.  Some like to go out for drinks at the pub.  Some like to play five-a-side football at the weekends.  My husband's favourite method of chilling out after a long hard week at the office is to cook.  Yes, you read that right.  Cook.  He loves to spend hours painstakingly measuring out tiny amounts of obscure Indian herbs, or Thai grasses, or Vietnamese chillies and grinding them in his granite mortar and pestle to make delicious, fragrant sauces and marinades for any number of dishes. 
He has a good selection of cookbooks and likes to pick one on a Friday morning in order to plan out his Friday night's entertainment.  He stops by a near-to-the-office supermarket on his break and picks up any last minute ingredients, sometimes calling me during the day to enquire as to the amount of any particular one that we may have remaining in a cupboard. 
As you may notice, they aren't all Asian cuisines, there are a good few Mediterannean ones in there too, and a couple of Mexican ones.  As long as the food is fresh and flavourful, he's happy.
So anyway, the Friday just past, he made Chicken in Parmesan with a basil sauce (that's a typewritten recipe, so may be one from his late gran), Jamie Oliver's Red Rice from Jamie's 30-Minute Meals  (incidentally, it's very hard to make these meals in the alloted 30 minutes.  They use up every piece of cookware you own and leave them all lying dirty about the kitchen in order to meet the timescale.  Not ideal, really) and some Creamed Spinach.  I'm not really sure why it's called that, because it is made with softened onion, pine nuts and a cheesy layer on top...
We eat whatever he makes for lunch on the Saturday, or, if we're out for the day, then for dinner, because he stays up late to cook.  I mean, waaaaay late like 2am late.  Can you tell it's me that wakes up with the kids every day?!  Still, when lunch or dinner is this fresh and delicious, it's not all bad ;)