Sunday, September 30, 2012

Now we are six

Jack loved the birthday cake I made him last year, which was kind as it wasn't one of my best.  But I have improved since then, I hope, and was thrilled at the chance to bake again for him.  He wanted the same cake this year, but with a number 6 on it (as he was planning to be older this time) and different candles (his Mum figured that was her department, haha).
We chose vanilla sponge with strawberry jam and coloured vanilla icing again, and I happened upon a lovely birthday card when out and about last weekend that inspired my colour choice.
And then a few days ago, I found a bag of M & M's that was just red, white and blue - serendipity or what?!! 
So these big beauties made the number 6 for me, and it was then the task of separating out all the red and blue M & M's in a normal pack or two of sweets to see if I'd have enough to make the border around the base of the cake.  Woo hoo, I did have enough!!
And don't you think these leftover M & M's would make lovely autumn-themed decorations for something??