Friday, September 28, 2012

World's biggest coffee morning

MacMillan cancer support are a nationwide charity here in the UK who provide support to families and sufferers of all types of cancer.  Each year they hold a massive fundraiser and this year I was approached by a local nursery to donate something for their raffle.  I don't have a particular affiliation for this charity over and above any others, although, as with most families these days, we have been personally affected by cancer.  However my childrens' school was also holding a coffee morning to support the charity so I got behind it 100%, Becca Bakes style.
After getting in touch with my favourite printer Jade, over at The Cupcake Company, I was able to make the following for the events.  Classic Vanilla cupcakes with toppers and green sanding sugar for the nursery
And some vanilla cookies with sugarpaste icing on for the school.  I tried larger sized cutters this time, and they took longer to bake.  That was a bit tricky to coordinate, because I kept needing to check on them, but not wanting to open the oven to do so.  Anyway, because they were larger and I had no impression stamps for them I embossed the sugarpaste on most of them for added interest.

I went down to the school for my elder daughter's class time for the event (so about 40 minutes after it started) and there were no cookies to buy....  They'd sold out!  Woo hoo, go Team Becca  :)