Saturday, October 20, 2012

Butterscotch is a manly flavour, right?

An ex-colleague of Mr Becca goes out with an ex-colleague of mine (from my pre-children days) - how's that for a coincidence??!  Anyway, she wanted to treat him to a birthday cake baked by my good self and after some discussion back and forth, we agreed on the same butterscotch cake that I made for Mr Becca's birthday this year.  The birthday boy is mad keen on boats, and even owns his own on which he sails whenever he gets the chance (kinda like Mr B and his motorbike) so the original plan was I'd attempt to outline a boat onto the top of the cake.  Then she got in touch to say, no, make it say 60 because after all, you're only 60 once.  So it does.