Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Home-made honeycomb ice-cream? Yes please!

A while ago I was approached by the makers of Angel Delight to try out their new product, Angel Delight ice-cream.  Whilst it doesn't involve a proper ice-cream machine, or hours in the freezer then stirring and re-freezing, it is home-made ice-cream and you can add anything you like to make it more fun.
So we chose Crunchie bars - yumm!!  Now, in this instance, when I say we I mean I.  Although to be fair, I didn't really think the girls would complain too much at the thought of ice-cream full to bursting with crushed Crunchie bars. 
 I used all 4 bars, so we'd have plenty of 'bang for our buck', to coin a phrase.  Looking good so far...
Then it was popped into a container for the freezer.  You can see I didn't need any fancy equipment to make this - just a mixing bowl and simple handmixer.
Here we can see the finished product naked - choc-full of scrumptious honeycomb and chocolate chunks.  Mmmm
 And here one girl wanted chocolate sauce and coloured sprinkles...
 Whilst the other chose chocolate sprinkles.  And what an after-dinner treat that was.