Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mini cupcake fun at Halloween

I was lucky enough to be given permission to bake again for the girls at school.  Now that they're both at school, there were 2 class parties to cater for and after determining exactly how many mini cupcakes were required I realised that I'd have many leftovers.  What I hadn't figured out was just quite how many leftovers there would be - eek, 7 dozen cupcakes was not the total amount I had expected!!
But I had fun, decorating them with chocolate and vanilla buttercream, some coloured orange (but not flavoured orange, I'd learnt that lesson awhile back.  Kids don't like orange-tasting icing - odd, but true) and a selection of sparkly black and orange lines, white ghosts and black bats.
 The orange with bats and ghosts went to one class, the white with lines to the other...
 The chocolate iced ones went to the school office to be divvied up...
And these last ones plus some white ones with ghosts and bats went to Mr Becca's office.  Bet you there won't even be any crumbs in the containers when I get them back.  Happy Halloween!