Monday, October 01, 2012

Party entertainers are we

I had been approached before about offering cupcake decorating parties, but not really given it enough thought and it never worked out.  This time however, I gave it proper attention, worked out exactly what I would need to do to prepare and bring with me, and it was Game On!
The girls had no idea I was coming, so they were pleasantly surprised to disover what the party entertainment was.  They were 10 years old, or almost 10, so a good age to take in what I wanted to show them. 
I brought baked vanilla cupcakes for each child, plus spares on which to demostrate.  Plus a big bowl of fresh white vanilla buttercream, ready to be coloured.  I chose 5 colours for the icing and about a dozen different sprinkles of all sorts of shapes and colours, plus a small tub or two of non-toxic foodsafe glitter, just for fun.  Any more and I felt the girls would not be able to choose...
 The birthday girl trying out her first colour
 And her second.  Nicely done T!
A friend mastering the technique required to swirl her icing.
 The gang showing off their colourful handiwork - they did so well and we all enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun, parents included!!
 Boxed and ready to take home to show their families - well done girls and thank you so much for sharing your 10th birthday with me :)