Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Real men eat cupcakes

B had ordered a Red Velvet birthday cake for his lady-love P and she now wanted to return the favour, as it was his birthday.  We discussed various options, and my capabilities, and settled upon a dozen mixed cupcakes in banoffee and choc raspberry.
I was really excited about baking these, because they were a variation on some I had baked previously, and because the toffee sauce is amazingly good, and I was hoping there may be a little leftover for 'taste-testing' afterwards.
As with her cake, she wanted them simply to say 'Happy Birthday B' and '43 today'.  Your cake wish is our command, P - hope he loves them...
 These are the raspberry chocolate ones...
These are the banoffee ones (see that icing?  all the colour comes from the toffee sauce, and there was a little leftover after all, yummy)
And here they all are, snuggled together in their box ready for collection and delivery to the birthday boy.
(These few were leftover, so I added a different type of buttercream swirl and popped a raspberry on top, to add to the one underneath)