Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A strangely busy afternoon - the savoury side

This latter half of the day's food adventures were less successful.  Not a total failure, mind, but just less successful.  The plan was, in my mind at least, to make these cheese straws as an accompaniment to the girls' steak sausages for dinner, just for something a little bit different.  
They didn't exactly work out that way.    
I forgot to add the extra brush of butter once they'd been rolled (to the first batch), and generally found them a bit too dry.  

I had hoped for them to taste more buttery and rich than they did...  But after posting similar on our Facebook page, a few friends have suggested other recipes to try next time, so all is not lost :)
And the final thing I made today?  Vegetable soup, with loads of 10-hour soaked peas, barley and beans.  It's just finished now.  Yes, I know, it's very late.  No biggie, it'll be lunch for me and dinner for the girls tomorrow.