Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Peppermint bark isn't from a tree...

I'd never heard of peppermint bark before.  I spent my youth in Australia, and now live in the United Kingdom (Scotland specifically for the last decade and more) and it just isn't heard of.  So I honestly figured it wasn't food, but some sort of tree-related item.  Or something.  But not food.
But guess what??!!  It's food - and it's delicious.  And easy to make too.  I am friends with a couple who run a company (that felt good to say) and I saw their video on how to make it.  For those of you who don't want to watch the 4 minute clip, here's the blog post...
After some discussion with other members of the company's Facebook group, we decided that in the UK candy canes would suffice in place of the peppermint crisp that sell.  They were a bit tricky to crush without them flying all over the kitchen, but easy enough.  Then once mixed into the melted white chocolate and spread out onto baking paper, they looked like this.
I wasn't sure how long to leave it to set, but it was quite solid after about 20 minutes.  I had space, so popped it into the fridge for about the same time again, et voila!!
I think the girls are gonna love this when they get home from school - and Mini-2 doesn't even like mint.  Just need to try it with milk or dark chocolate next, mmm yummy!