Friday, December 14, 2012

Tim Tam truffles

Tim Tam truffles.  Tim Tam truffles.  Sounds good, doesn't it?  Kinda rolls off the tongue, don'tcha think?  Kinda like Becca Bakes, one might say... Only in the UK, these chocolate, chocolate sandwiched and covered biscuits aren't called Tim Tams.  Oh no, they're not as mighty, not as tasty (to me anyway) and  not called Tim Tams.  They're called Penguins.  Yep, seriously.  And Penguin truffles just sounds a little bit wrong to me.
I found the recipe on an Australian site called Best Recipes, along with the one I used for the first school bake class, for Anzac biscuits.  It's here, and it's wrong.  Mind you, that's rather blunt, and disrespectful.  Most unlike me.  I should be more polite, and say that I couldn't get it to work at the quantities specified.  That may well be because Penguins aren't the same as Tim Tams.  But either way, I had to modify the recipe along the way.
I had to use 18 Penguins (360g worth) in the end, and 8 digestive biscuits too, to get the right consistency for rolling once the sweetened, condensed milk had been added.
And I didn't fancy grating chocolate, when I had chocolate line sprinkles to hand.  They were ready in time for the girls getting in from school (or technically, they were ready in time for me to clean up and refrigerate them before walking to collect the girls from school).  So they were super easy, super quick and super sickly tasty.  A three-way win, a trifecta even!  Ha ha