Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chocolate truffles aren't as yummy as I expected

I kept buying double cream (heavy cream in America I believe), in the mistaken belief that I needed it to make chocolate truffles.  Then never could find the recipe to which I thought it belonged, before the cream went out of date.  Bother.  So this time, I made ganache from roughly equal parts near-boiling cream and chocolate and just waited until the mixture was fairly solid in the fridge, then rolled little bits into balls.  And coated them in either cocoa, chocolate line sprinkles or icing sugar.  What a mess!!  My hands, which never seem warm, and in fact turn blue, then white, reguarly (from poor circulation) were suddenly too warm to do a non-messy job of rolling the chocolate balls.  So the shapes aren't too even.  But it was fun trying to roll them in the toppings.  And only marginally less messy.  Boy am I glad The Team were at school for this experiment!  Especially as I didn't even think they tasted all that great anyway...  Even with the addition of some smooth peanut butter.  Ah well, the girls' class teachers enjoyed their samples  ;)