Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clandestine Cake Club loves Dundee

Ooh, it was that time again - another meeting of the Dundee branch of Clandestine Cake Club.  Yippee, a chance to chat, eat cake and talk about cake - for no reason at all other than that we all love cake.  A perfect Sunday night out, no?
The theme this time was simply 'I love cake', chosen because it was near to Valentine's Day and was quite a loose theme in that people could bake a recipe they loved, a recipe they really wanted to try out or even a heart-shaped or decorated cake.  Allowed a lot of room for manoeuvre, right?
I hadn't thought I'd be able to attend as a baker this time, as we were due to move house a few days later, but that all changed.  So I baked.  I couldn't decide between a chocolate and salted caramel cake, a maple and pecan cake or a seriously chocolately cake.  Mr Becca was no help at all, as he didn't particularly fancy the sound of any of them, so I asked a friend.  And she liked them all.  No help whatsoever, ha ha.  In the end I chose maple and pecan as it felt kind of wintery and North American to me, and I love true Canadian Maple Syrup - what a taste!!
I'm really pleased to say that it went down a storm, and there was barely an inch wide slice left at the end for me to take home, woo hoo!  
Here's the full array of deliciousness on offer.  We have a coffee cake, shaped like a cup of coffee, a white chocolate and orange cake with handmade flowers on top, a chocolate chip and vanilla bundt cake, a monster-sized strawberry cheesecake cake, a chocolate guiness cake, a cherry bakewell cake, my maple and pecan cake, a black forest swiss roll, a red velvet and vanilla heart-enclosed cake, an apple streusel cake and a greek yoghurt cake.  Hungry yet?
 A closer view of the left hand end of the table.
 The middle section of the table.
The heart inside the red velvet bavarian creme vanilla cake.  The baker here had never tried this technique before, and was really pleased with how well it turned out.  Yey Louise!
 The cakes from the other end of the table.
A selection of our guests, happily munching away on slivers of each cake.  You have to take slivers you see, otherwise you simply can't manage to try each cake.  And that would be a shame for you, and would seem downright disrespectful to the bakers, wouldn't it?  If you think you'd like to join in on a meeting as a baker, please do get in touch on cccdundee@gmail.com  And be sure to let them know where you heard about the group please.


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