Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's a boy

The Team are just about to return to school, after two weeks of holidays.  We didn't leave the city, or go anywhere afar, as we have rather huge plans for later in the year.  Rather, we filled our time with multiple playdates, catching up with friends, doing artwork and generally chilling out.  We've had a blast, and really enjoyed our time.  As such, I hadn't taken on many orders during this period, as I knew I wouldn't have as much time to devote to an order as usual.  So when N rang (suggested to use me as the baker she had contacted was going to be away.  Don't you just love friendly referrals?) to request some babyshower cupcakes for a good friend, I was only to happy to help.  Babyshowers are still quite a new thing here in the UK, but I knew roughly what she might need.
Her friend is having a boy, but didn't want everything to be over the top blue.  And N didn't want it all vanilla.  So in the end we agreed upon Classic Vanilla and Triple Lemon cupcakes, with pale green, blue and yellow to decorate.  And she was thrilled when she came to collect - have a wonderful rest-of-your-pregnancy Lorna!!