Friday, May 31, 2013

A free Craftsy Class? I'm in!

I can't think how I first came across (oh through Jessicakes blog I think) this but a month or so ago I learnt that Craftsy offered some free classes.  They specifically do cake decorating classes, so it was quite fun to look through the myriad of classes they offered and see which one or ones I would like to investigate.  Then I spotted one of the free ones, Modern Buttercream.  
I joined up, and enrolled in the class...  And that was over a month ago.  Oops, what can I say?  Sometimes day-to-day life gets in the way of cake and hobbies and free time, ha ha.  But it's in my account, that was free to set up and apparently it will remain there for as long as I have the account, so I will get back to it one day.  It even has video instructions on how to make Swiss Meringue Buttercream, which is most definitely on my list of things to try.
And if it helps me produce a cake that looks as neat as this
by watching a presenter as focused on the work as this
Then that 'one day' might need to be soon.