Monday, April 29, 2013

Gluten-free Mars Bar yumminess

We were out at Scone Palace yesterday, making the most of the stunning castles that Scotland has to offer and also the sunny spring weather.  We are members of both Historic Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland, and love to visit their properties and learn a little more of the history of this small but proud land that we call home.
At the cafe they had a selection of baked treats and it was afternoon tea time.  So we went to get coffee or a juice and the girls wanted to choose something to eat.  Mini-2 picked a scone (no pun intended I'm sure) with jam and butter and Mini-1 took a little longer to decide.  She rejected the Malteser Slice and Mars Bar Slices out of hand, declaring that 'we could make them ourselves at home, quite easily'.  Good girl!!  Way to go Mini-1, love the attitude.  In the end, the only thing she decided upon was an empire biscuit.  Now whilst I do have a printed out recipe to try (from the Hairy Bikers Mums Know Best tv series), I haven't yet made them.  It was rather tasty, and we decided to make our own Mars Bar Slice the very next day.
So we did.
As it happens, because it uses Rice Krispies (or Rice Bubbles as they were known in my youth) it becomes a gluten-free treat.  And we'd recently learned that one of Mini-2's new friends has coeliac disease so can't take gluten at all.  The product does contain barley extract, and thus barley gluten but the supermarket own-brands have less, so this was on her approved list.  
An impromptu playdate thus occurred and the little girl and her sister (plus Mum of course) all came round after school today to enjoy a treat!  What fun!