Friday, May 10, 2013

Oreo Brownies are a hit

We've made brownies often before, and this time I had some Mini Oreo's that were nearing their use-by date.  So what better to mix together than cookies and brownies?  Mmm.
I chopped up some chocolate and also added 2/3rds of the cookies into the mix, then dotted the remainder of the cookies on top of the brownie before it was cooked.  I had tried Rolo Brownies before, and not been thrilled with them, so was hoping for better results this time.
And I got them - these were perfect.  The right amount of cookies throughout and most pieces ( I cut them small so not every piece) had a mini cookie on the top too.  And the best bit of all?  These were for us, not a customer!  Oh yeah baby!  (Though, because we're good like that, I took some in for Mini-1's teachers - and they gave glowing reviews)
I had my first try out in the garden with a tall glass of cold milk - mmmm...