Thursday, May 16, 2013

Polka dots inside a cake? Happy Anniversary indeed

As you may recall, Mr Becca and I have been together for many a year.  Many years indeed.  And mostly, it's a wonderful life.  He's a pretty great guy, just gets moody sometimes.  But then, seriously - if we're being honest here - don't we all??  And I think he's aging rather nicely too  ;)
Anyway, because we've had so many anniversaries, and birthdays, and Christmases and Valentines' and random present-buying opportunities, I simply have no idea what to get him each time.  So now I bake.  Last year, I made this gorgeous and surprising rainbow cake which he loved.  So I wanted to do something equally fun for this year.  I asked on my Facebook page (which you can view without joining) for inspiration, and was suggested to try this polka dot cake.  Bingo - I was sold.
First I had to make the cake pop balls, and they hadn't worked out so well last time.  But this time, success.
Then it was on to adding them to the cake, and hoping for the best.  The cakes took longer to bake than expected, so sadly this wasn't ready for Mr Becca on our anniversary morning.  I was upset about that, but got it all finished in time for The Team's return from school.  They were super impressed with the exterior, but we all had to wait for Daddy getting home from work.
A similar top decoration to last year's, and if I'd had a little more time I would have toned the red down a touch, to match better with the other colours.
And then to the unveiling.  Or technically, the cutting.  Mr Becca was impressed enough and liked the cake as it was, but was quietly happy with the interior too.  I say quietly, because he's not much one for effusive praise.  And to be honest, I am.  And I love to receive it.  Ho hum.
Isn't it fabulous fun??  I'm so pleased with how it worked out, and The Team all loved it too.
This would be easily customisable for any occasion, and would make for a really fun gender reveal cake - don't you think?  It's an American thing, where the parents-to-be don't know the sex of their baby, but the cake maker does.  So the cake is somehow coloured inside (sponge or icing) to reveal the sex of the baby - too cute!
In case you were wondering, this was us 19 years ago...
And here was us this weekend, ready to go out for a slap-up meal...