Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Giant, sticky, toffee and delicious.

Last year I was lucky enough to make two giant cupcakes for a lady called S.  One was a sticky toffee one, the other vanilla.  Apparently her husband loved the sticky toffee one so much that she got in touch this year to ask me to repeat the magic.  Woo hoo, was I excited!  
I hadn't done a giant cupcake for a while now, and wanted to make this one a bit different for him.  We had some delicious dates in the house, so they got finely chopped and added to the batter.  As the home-made toffee sauce colours the icing a beige shade, I felt teddy bear brown and dark brown would be the best contrast I could offer.  So I got to work with my stars, plaques and gold sparkle spray to create a cupcake worthy of a birthday man.  This time I used chocolate flavoured brown sugarpaste for the base, rather than chocolate itself, and the same toffee buttercream for the middle filling as well as the outer decoration.  A couple of chocolate champagne bottles and we were good to go.
And I believe he loved it!  Happy Birthday Mr S!