Saturday, August 24, 2013

Becca does tradition - back-to-school cookies (and gets a job!)

For those of you who have read my blog for a while, you may recall last year's first-day-back-at-school after school snack cookie treat.  I felt that this was a lovely and homely tradition for the girls, and was keen to do it again for them.
However, way back at the beginning of the year I had interviewed for a supply administrative post in any school across our fair city.  I was simply hoping to get the job to get on a list, then would hope to get a call now and then, asking me to work here or there for a few days.  I felt it would be the ideal job, as it would mean I could still be with the girls when they needed me and thus not need to pay out for childcare, but also earn a bit of extra money in the hours that I wasn't with them.  Long story short, I got offered a post at a local high school, assisting a teacher.  Because it was arranged during the school holidays, it was initially for a week, to see if I got on with the teacher and if my somewhat limited availability (because it turns out that the school day in primary is shorter than that in secondary schools) would suit also.
So, knowing I wouldn't be able to bake the cookies on the actual day, The Team and I got started on them this afternoon.  Well, the weather has been good and our new neighbours are lovely, so in between riding bicycles and general playing, only Mini-2 could spare the time to help bake cookies.  Here she is carefully cutting the baking parchment to place on the baking trays...
And helping to scoop out the correct amount of mix for each of the delicious dark chocolate and butterscotch chip cookies we planned to bake.  Please don't worry about that mark on her arm, it's the remainder of a glow-in-the-dark tattoo that hasn't yet come off, not a bruise or anything else  ;)
Mmm, what a smell!   And I'll admit, we snuck in a taste test once they were out of the oven.  But the rest we will keep for our first day back at school - all 3 of us!!
P.S.  The teacher liked me, and could work with my availability, so I'm now gainfully employed outside the home for the whole academic year - go Becca!!