Monday, August 26, 2013

Fish pie? That's not a dessert...

After the limited success of the courgette fritters, I thought I ought to try again to feed The Team something home-cooked, delicious and nutritious.  So another magazine recipe to the rescue - well, it said it was easy. It's called Cheesy Fish Pie and is in the July 2013 issue of the in-store Asda Magazine (page 59 of 101 if that link doesn't take you straight there).  As you will see, not a tricky situation.  
But, well, what can I say in my defence?  I'm a baker, not a cook.  I was worried that it was all a bust, because the fish took nearly twice as long to cook as they suggested, but it ended up being just fine after all. I had started in plenty of time, so that despite the extra time for the fish to be cooked dinner was served on time.  Mind you, that didn't mean the girls were keen to eat it...  But when 'bed hungry' is the only other menu option, they get hungry eventually.  
Mr Becca and I thought it was fine, not huge on flavour but easy enough.  I've heard that Jamie Oliver does a good fish pie, we'll have to try that one next time.