Friday, August 02, 2013

Mmm, melting moments - a biscuit from my youth

As many of my readers may know by now, I grew up in the wonderful land of milk and honey, often known as Australia.  And one of the biscuits that I recall from away back then, that I haven't eaten in decades and had all but forgotten about, is Melting Moments.
Then lo and behold, they appeared in my Facebook newsfeed, made by a baker who lives in Adelaide.  I admired her photo, gave it a little thought, then figured if you don't ask, you don't get.  I contacted her, explained I was very far away and thus no competition to her and kindly asked for the recipe...  And she was lovely!  So happy to share and so I made them.
Now, these were quite easy, and The Team could have helped if they wanted to - as Lindsay (the Australian baker) had made them with her children, but they were too busy enjoying the Summer Holidays to worry about remaining indoors with a hot oven on a hot day.  Clever girls!
Mmm, don't they look good?  The recipe only made 13 halves, so this is the whole haul.  I made them with vanilla glace icing in the middle, rather than lemon as suggested, as I felt the taste would be better.  And it was - not only did The Team love them, but Mr Becca pronounced them delicious too.  High praise indeed  ;)