Friday, August 09, 2013

Ombre, polka dots and all things purple

M's sister's birthday was coming up fast, and her brother-in-law had been so busy working he'd had no time to organise a cake.  So M rang me, in a mild panic, asking for advice.  We agreed on purple, as it was her sister's favourite colour (and hers, and their mothers, odd) and the rest was up to me.  They loved my rainbow and ombre cakes, so that was a definite inclusion.
But it was all to be a surprise, so I wanted to ice it in white to disguise the interior.  I liked the polka dots I'd done on the Mickey Mouse cake, so did another style of them.  Turns out one of the birthday gifts was a polka dot wine glass, so the cake fitted in beautifully.
And at the party they were kind enough to take and send me a photo of the sliced interior - lovely!  
Happy Birthday Leanne!