Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Salted caramel and chocolate sounds good, right?

I had printed out this recipe, from Goodtoknow, for salted caramel and chocolate cookies and been looking forward to trying it out.  The Team are getting ever busier with their after-school sports and activities, and with me working during the days now there's precious little spare time in which to bake-for-fun at the moment.  So I took the chance this afternoon, while they were out enjoying the glorious afternoon with the neighbour children.
Or so I thought.  But when Mini-2 noticed I was getting all the ingredients ready, she insisted on helping me (Mini-1 had been first to get her shoes on, so was already outdoors).  The recipe was very easy to prepare and follow, but my main gripe was the addition of the chocolate before you left it to sit and cool and solidify.  It became basically one hot mess!
So when you tried to dollop out the amounts on the cookie tray in order to bake them, it was already oozing all over the place.  Even more so when baked  :(
The second batch appeared like it was going better, because the batter was cooler and more solid, but they still spread hugely whilst baking, and didn't end up looking any better.  
So the verdict chez Becca?   They smelt great whilst baking, and now, and taste ok but look pretty bad. Have you made this recipe?  How did it work out for you?