Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Sprinkling gorgeous!

Sometimes Summer just makes you feel happy.  And sometimes you wanna jump for joy.  In which case, we can make a cake to help you out.  Let me present our sprinkling gorgeous 6" vanilla sponge with Nutella and Nutella buttercream.  Iced in lashings of vanilla buttercream, smothered in colourful happy line sprinkles.  
Now, doesn't that just make you smile?  It went into an office for a Friday treat, and I believe it certainly made them all smile  :)
This photo is to give you a sneaky peek behind the scenes - to see how the cake was achieved.  I had seen a tutorial suggesting you roll it in the sprinkles to achieve full coverage over your buttercream, but I just felt that this squashed the design a little.  If you look closely at the space where I placed my logo in the first picture, you may notice a little squashing there.  Or not.
I then did my best to 'throw' the hundreds and thousands at the cake in an attempt to get them to stick.  This too sort-of worked.  But overall, it made me and the customer(s) happy, so all was well.  Have you tried this technique?  What worked for you?