Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cinnamon raisin bread, part-baked heaven

Today dawned dark and wet.  Autumn only officially started recently, and our summer was kinda non-existent - though we did have lots of lovely sunny dry days, just not high temperatures - but really?  The sky was overcast and cloudy, and it was pouring with rain right from the get-go.
Lucky we had bought this part-baked, frozen loaf of cinnamon raisin bread a week or so ago!  I have yet to try making bread (no, actually I probably have made some in the past, but not regularly), but we all love the part-baked options.  Then you get the delicious smell of baking bread, the joy of warm crusty bread, and none of the waiting around.
We found this in a freezer shop called Farmfoods, and it's not widely known for its high-quality goods...  So we were excited, but reservedly.  
The loaf certainly looked good, and the instructions were simple and clear, just the way I like them. However, in future I shall turn the oven down slightly, and definitely leave the loaf in an extra 10 minutes.  That's how much longer I had to cook it for it all to cook through.  At the stated end-time, I cut a slice or two to check and the main body was still partly frozen!  So in the end, it was over-done (read burnt) but the interior was cooked.
Doesn't that look delicous??  Crusty exterior, soft warm interior, juicy raisins and slices of almond, with a hint of cinnamon throughout.  Mmm, weekend treat extraodinaire!!

P.S. This post is not sponsored or endorsed by anyone, it's simply our familys take on a purchased bakery item :)