Saturday, May 12, 2012

Berries a go-go

I was being good, so checked the freezer for use by dates too, and found a box of mixed berries.  Hmmm, smoothies for breakfast didn't go down quite so well as I'd imagined, so while the girls were out with Daddy to the cinema for a surprise Saturday morning treat, I whipped up a batch of Mixed Berry Muffins for their return/after lunch.  These were thanks to the cutest little book, Muffin Magic by Susannah Blake, and the easiest and best use of the remaining berries I could find at a pinch. 
Thanks to the smoothies, I was a bit short of the required 300g of berries, so added in some chopped (and flour-coated so they didn't sink) dried apricots - also nearing expiry.  Thus killing two birds with one stone, score.
They baked up well, and the house smelt great for their return.  But these were deemed too fruity by The Team  What??!!  I, and my friendly helpful eaters, thought they were delicious.  Even when microwaved a  few days later.   Mmmm...