Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cookies & Creme cupcakes, can we do it?

A few of the school and nursery mums know I bake, and have taste-tested goodies when I needed help to eat everything.  One of them approached me yesterday to say it was her hubby's birthday and could I possibly make some of those divine (her words) Oreo cupcakes for him?  She would have done it herself but wasn't that good at baking, and mine were so good...  With a build-up like that, how could I refuse?  Ha ha.
I had big plans for a cake for Mr Becca, for our wedding anniversary tomorrow (more on that in the next post) and had to think on my feet to see if I could slot this order in - ummmmm, yep!
I used almost double the recipe-recommended amount of Oreo's, as when I'd made this recipe in the past I'd written notes and hadn't been impressed with the content/amount of Oreo's in the mix.  As you can see above, it looks about right, ha ha.  But just in case, I added a super-cute mini Oreo on top of each uncooked cupcake in the tin.
The recipe for the icing isn't as nice as my signature one, so I don't use it.  And I feel that if you're going to have Cookies and Creme, you may as well overdo it - see how small I crushed the Oreo's for the icing?  The reason is two-fold; taste and ability to use the right icing nozzle to decorate the tops.  Larger bits of cookie sometimes get stuck in the nozzle and makes the swirls look messy.
And we don't want messy icing swirls, do we?!